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1/35 German Infantry French Campaign

1/35 German Infantry French Campaign
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During WWII, the German combat uniform included a distinctively-shaped helmet which had a stretched neckline for added protection. The M36 combat uniform was an overall field gray color with a dark green collar, and featured four front pockets. The German soldiers also wore long black boots along with this basic uniform. At parades, the German soldiers would lift their legs high without bending their knees and perform the intensively impressive "Goose Step March." About the Model # Set includes 5 figures to depict German infantry in early-WWII. # A soldier carrying an MP40 in both hands (can also be modeled to hold a rifle). # A soldier in kneeling position preparing to fire his rifle. (can also be modeled to be holding binoculars). # A marching soldier carrying his rifle on his shoulder (can also be modeled to be holding an MP40). # A soldier in prone position with his MG34 machine gun (Accessories that correspond with the MG42 are also included). # The ammo bearer who is feeding the ammunition fro