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Alumilite Clear 16lbs (1 Gal Part A & 1 Gal Part B) 7 minute Work Time

Alumilite Clear 16lbs (1 Gal Part A & 1 Gal Part B) 7 minute Work Time
  • Brand: Alumilite
  • Product Code: ALU 10140
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Crystal clear resin that is easy to use and great for a wide variety of clear casting applications.

Its low viscosity and 1:1 mix ratio by weight makes it extremely easy to use. It offers superior polishability than other clear resins and able to achieve maximum shine in your finished parts.

Alumilite Clear Properties

  • High Impact
  • High Gloss
  • Optically Clear Casting
  • Can be Dyed or Pigmented
  • 7 Minute Work Time
  • 45-90 Minute Demold Time
  • Mix 1:1 by Weight


Vacuum or pressure is recommended to achieve 100% bubble free castings but minimal bubbles can be achieved by slowly mixing and pouring the resin.

Off ratio mixing may produce hazy or frosted parts.

Recommended for industrial use only. B side may thicken and need to be warmed before use.

Products Alumilite Clear
Color Clear
Mix Ratio 1:1 by WEIGHT
Pot Life 7 minutes
Demold Time (100 gr. Mass) 45-90 minutes
Mixed Viscosity (cps.) 450
Specific Gravity 1.04
Shore Hardness (ASTM D-2240) 78-80D
Shrinkage (in./in.) .005
Tensile Strength (ASTM D-638) (psi) 4,200
Elongation (in./in.) 10-15%
Temperature Resistance 140 F

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No. of Cores 1