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Euro Style Tractor Truck Multi MFC-03

Euro Style Tractor Truck Multi MFC-03
  • Brand: Tamiya
  • Product Code: TAM 56523
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  • $565.00

This Multi-Function Control Unit brings your 1/14 scale R/C tractor to life, with its recreation of highly realistic sounds, lights and vibration, all of which are coordinated by the MFC-03 unit. Engine sounds were digitally recorded from a real L6 diesel engine, currently the most common unit in European trucks: they cover a number of typical truck sounds from engine start-up to idling and a range of sounds to match model speed, replicating rev sounds with excellent quality. Air sounds are also synchronized with truck operation, as are turn signal, horn, coupler connection/separation, brake sound effects and more! A vibration unit provides incredibly realistic shaking. The MFC-03 also acts as a speed controller that enables smooth running at not only high, but also extremely low speeds and when towing separately sold semi-trailers.

test 1 8gb
No. of Cores 1