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Disc & Tractor (J/ Deere 1938-46) kitset

Disc & Tractor (J/ Deere 1938-46) kitset
  • $19.10

Use Scenic Details anywhere on your layout. They fill in small empty spaces beside railroad tracks and add a great amount of detail to your layout with items like crates, barrels, skids, junk piles, tractors, small buildings, animals and more. Apply Scenic Details after all of the landscaping has been finished, to ensure proper placement. Colorful Dry Transfer Decals are included in some of the kits. Scenic Details are economical, easy to assemble and fun to paint. They add color, interest and authenticity to your layout. Attach to layout with Accent Glue A198, Hob-e-Tac S195, or Scenic Glue S190.

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