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BR(S), Mk1 BSK, S34967 - Era 5

BR(S), Mk1 BSK, S34967 - Era 5
  • Brand: Hornby
  • Product Code: HOR R4977
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⁠The British Railways Standard Mark 1 coach was introduced in 1951 and, over a period of about ten years, the new fleet of coaches replaced pre-war designed rolling stock on most principal routes in the United Kingdom. The design was used for passenger hauled stock, multiple unit carriages and non-passenger carrying stock; passenger stock construction taking place between 1951 and 1963, while multiple units and non-passenger carrying stock continued to be built until 1974. The final withdrawal of Mark 1 stock from daily mainline use came in 2005. However, the type continue in mainline charter service, as well as on many heritage railways.