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N Flex Track Code 55 EACH

N Flex Track Code 55 EACH
  • Brand: Atlas
  • Product Code: ATL 2000
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $10.30

Designed with precision and sophisticated technology, Atlas' N scale Code 55 track has the same reliability and durability as our popular Code 80 track, but with some slight differences that make it more prototypical. Code 55 track is characterized by having finer brown ties and smaller rail than Atlas' traditional Code 80 track.

  • Simulated brown wood ties
  • Nickel silver rail
  • Tips for cutting Super-Flex track

    1. Use a heavy-duty rail ripper or modeler's saw to cut the track to length.
    2. Remove a few ties from the end of the track by cutting the web (plastic piece between the ties) with a knife.
    3. File the end and underside of the rail as well as the web so rail joiners can fit easily.