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Hybrid Power Boost

Hybrid Power Boost
  • Brand: Carrera
  • Product Code: CAR CT25206
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  • $230.00

Description :
Dimensions when assembled: 7.12 x 4.56 ft (217 x 139 cm)
Total track length: 17.38 ft (5.3 m)

Yellow La Ferrari, #27458 New Enzo
Porsche 918 Spyder
7 x Standard Straights
8 x 1/60 Curves
1 x Connecting Section
2 x 1/4 Straights
2 x Wired hand controllers
1 x Transformer
Guardrail and Supports

Race info:
Two sports cars in a class of their own fight out superlative duels. There‘s no other way to describe this clash of two automobiles very few people are ever likely to experience live. Take a deep breath – and put the pedal to the metal! This 5.3-meter racetrack offers a long straight and bends that must be mastered with an acute feel for the power available. For lap after lap of pure uninterrupted action and racing enjoyment! Finesse is essential when driving LaFerrari, the very latest car with hybrid engine technology from the Maranello stable. This 963 bhp two-seater is the most powerful Ferrari on the team. The Porsche 918 Spyder is a worthy match. It is also equipped with hybrid technology and can generate an inconceivable 887 bhp. The ‚25‘ on the bodywork stands for the car‘s prototype number: no.25! Ready for high speed, high performance hybrid action? Nerves of steel are a "must" for everyone involved!

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