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DPR Ford Mustang Boss 302 - Martin Birrane

DPR Ford Mustang Boss 302 - Martin Birrane
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While it is of course synonymous with racing in the USA the Ford Mustang also saw some excellent results in the United Kingdom as well. Irish racer Martin Birrane, later to successfully run Lola, raced this car in the 1972 British Saloon Car Series. An ex Tran-Am development car Martin raced it successfully both in the British series and in Group-2 races across Europe. Its 5-litre engine helping to propel it along at some speed! On the Scalextric track this awesome American muscle car will be equally at home fighting off Camaros and Escorts as it was on the racetracks of the 1970s. Ford Motors Company Trademarks and Trade Dress used under license to Hornby Hobbies. Manufactured by Hornby Hobbies Ltd.

DPR                               Easy Change                   Magnatraction
Digital Plug Type C8515