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Height Adjust Roller

Height Adjust Roller
  • Brand: Tamiya
  • Product Code: TAM 94659
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $9.50

The Height Adjustment Roller and FRP Plate set are being sold as a Mini 4WD Limited Edition. Now with the Mini 4WD high performance motor being authorized, the high speed of the Mini 4WD is being spurred on. # The height adjustment roller replaces the poly cup roller, and different settings are possible. # For the shaft, an up and down stabilizer head and stabilizer ball have been prepared. # Two-piece FRP wide plate set. # Installation of a wide roller is possible. # The color of all molding parts excluding the roller is orange. # Two spares of the stabilizer bed are included. # For the sliding action, the roller uses the white 830 plastic bearings. # The effect improves when replaced with a 950 ball bearing. (Not Included) # Can be used with MS, VS, Super X, and Super TZ-X chassis cars.